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9240, Recruiting and Hiring of Coaches

For general information on recruiting and hiring of staff, see 4100 and 4100-R.

Selection of Coaches

Coaches for interscholastic sports activities may be selected from teachers at any academic level or discipline. It is generally desirable for coaches to work with students with whom they are also associated in academic or physical education classes. It is also desirable not to deprive one academic level for the benefit of another level. However, the overall good of the district must be paramount. Accordingly, if qualified coaching services are not available to meet the needs of one academic level, another level may be tapped, or, qualified persons not on the school staff may be hired. All coaching assignments will be on a year to year basis.

4100, Organization of Instruction
4100-R, Organization of Instruction Regulation
5210, Student Organizations
5280, Interscholastic Athletics

Note: Prior policy, Selection of Coaches, 4121.4

Policy Adopted: October 14, 1963
Amended: October 25, 1963
Amended: December 6, 1982
Amended: June 21, 1999