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Student Registration

Welcome and thank you for choosing North Colonie schools for your child’s education. We look forward to partnering with you to provide engaging, relevant and challenging educational experiences and opportunities for your child. 

Registration for all new students occurs at the Central Registrar’s Office (91 Fiddlers Lane, Latham). Please call to request a registration packet or download the registration packet from the links below. When the packet and all forms are completed, please call to schedule a registration appointment.

*All registration documents may be emailed to the registrar’s office at: If you have any questions, please contact the Registrar’s office at (518) 785-8591, ext. 3135.

Kindergarten Registration

To be eligible for kindergarten at the opening of school of any year, a child must be five years of age on or before December 1. If your child is between the ages of birth and five, please call the registrar’s office. Registration takes place beginning in December for the following school year. For September 2018 kindergarten enrollment, your child must turn five by December 1, 2018.

Elementary school assignments

Items required at time of registration:

One of the following:

Deed or Mortgage


  • A copy of a residential lease; deed; or mortgage statement;
  • A statement by a third-party landlord, owner, or tenant from whom the parent(s)/guardian(s) lease from or live with (either sworn or unsworn);
  • Such other statement(s) by a third party establishing the physical presence of the parents/guardian(s) in the school district

Contract to Build/Buy a Home

Note: This can only be submitted for a September entrance.

In the absence of the above, the following forms of documentation shall be considered for the purposes of determining residency:

  • Pay stub;
  • Income tax form;
  • Utility or other bills;
  • Membership documents based upon residency (e.g., library cards);
  • Voter registration document(s);
  • Official driver’s license, learner’s permit, or non-driver ID;
  • State or other government issued identification;
  • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies;
  • Evidence of custody of the child, including but not limited to judicial custody orders or guardianship papers.

Documents must be current and original – they will be copied and returned to you immediately. Print-outs from online accounts will be accepted if they show the name and address of the resident and have a current date.

Delayed Residence Policy

Policy 5152
Policy 5152-R

Documentation Necessary to Establish Student Age

In addition to the foregoing documentation, the School District requires appropriate documentation sufficient to establish the age of the child(ren) being registered. The following documentation will be required at the time of registration:

  • Certified transcript of a birth certificate or record of baptism; or if not available
  • A passport (including foreign passport)
    • If the foregoing documentation is not available, the district will consider other documentary evidence, including but not limited to:
      • Official driver’s license
      • State or other government issued identification
      • School photo identification with date of birth
      • Consulate identification card
      • Hospital or health records
      • Military dependent identification card
      • Documents issued by federal, state, or local agencies
      • Court orders or other court-issued documents
      • Native American tribal documents
      • Records from non-profit international aid agencies and voluntary agencies
      • All forms included in the registration packet – filled out as completely as possible

If relevant, additional documentation needed for school information:

  • IEP (Individualized Education Plan) from previous school district
  • Section 504 documentation from previous school district
  • Last report card for placement purpose

Additional Information

A health physical must be provided in order to attend school. The exam must have been performed within the 12 months prior to the child’s start date in our school district. If a physical has not been performed, you are allowed 30 days from the start of school to obtain one. The Health Certificate/Appraisal Form is provided for your doctor’s use. Please remember, however, that the most current immunization records are absolutely required in order to register (see above).