The New School Year is in Full Swing

What do you get when you take over 6,000 students, eight schools, and one superintendent setting a great example of how to actually swing into a new school?


“Monday was an outstanding day!” Superintendent Corr said. “It is what I love about our district. It represents an entire community … faculty, support staff, students, and families joining together to provide the noble service of educating. 

“We are at our best on such days!”

While the start of any school year comes with issues to address and changes to make, North Colonie CSD kicked off 2022-23 with so many memorable moments – seen and heard.

Deputy Superintendent Kathy Skeals said one fourth-grader shared an impressive thought – “we are doing team building activities because it’s important that we’re a community.”

While there is no way to completely summarize what a first day of a new school year means, Deputy Superintendent Skeals provided the groundwork for the days moving forward. As a community.

“The greatest thing about school is that every year you get to begin anew,’ she said. “The year is a blank canvas filled with possibilities. Today, we saw the start of those possibilities in the energy of our students and the smiling faces of our teachers coming together for the first time. There’s nothing quite like it.”