September NC Kids Care: Benson Jovel-Truong

The Board of Education recognized the first 2022-23 school year Kids Care recipient during its Sept. 19 meeting.

NC Kids Care is a long-standing recognition program intended to highlight once-a-month a student from any grade across K-12 who has gone “above-and-beyond.” In this instance, SHS senior Benson Jovel-Truong’s dedication and weeks of preparation to perform for our District’s teachers struck quite a note for all who were present, earning him this honor.

The following statement was shared in recognizing Benson at the meeting:

Benson Jovel-Truong is a passionate student who models hard work and dedication. A very moving demonstration of Benson’s commitment and dedication was on display for a near-capacity audience of North Colonie educators on Sept. 6 when he performed the song “Thankful” at the close of Superintendent Joe Corr’s remarks. Many in attendance wiped away tears while also smiling. All jumped from their seats as he hit the last note for an ecstatic standing ovation.

picture of Benson, North Colonie's Sept. 2022 Kids Care Recipient

The Shaker High School senior prepared for the performance throughout the summer. It took him roughly four weeks to prepare. Each week he met with Mrs. Amy Kimbler for an hour of practice. Mrs. Kimbler has this to say about Benson:

“He makes the world a better place by helping and motivating his peers to work to the best of their abilities in both his classes and on his volleyball team.  I would like to personally thank him for taking the time over the summer to learn and then perform for our district teachers and administrators on opening day. His performance was moving as well as inspiring to all who heard it. Thank you Benson for sharing your beautiful voice and talents with us all!”

Benson is captain of the volleyball team and treasurer of Tri-M (Music Honor Society). And the best information to share with you all. It looks like Sept. 6 was not the only opportunity for people to hear his amazing voice or to be inspired by his talents. Benson plans to major in music in college, with aspirations to be a music teacher and “inspire kids like mine have inspired me.”