Our Teachers are Lifelong Learners

Did you know that before the school year starts and throughout the year, our teachers “return to the classroom” as students themselves? Supporting our teachers in their pursuit to grow and improve their teaching and instruction methods is a priority.

teachers in training room
In late August, nearly 40 new teachers gathered in the Goodwin Training Room, and worked collaboratively to improve and grow their skills to better meet students’ needs.

Under the direction of Naté Turner-Hassell, the NC Office of Professional Learning, Leadership, and Development supports the professional growth of NC teachers, and the workshops held this summer are a perfect example of that work and its success.

We believe educators are Lead Learners-it is critical we exercise what we ask of students. With learning, there is no arrival or destination- just a journey. The Professional Learning, Leadership & Development department has been created to partner with educators and provide ongoing, varied support and development so that WE can continue to grow as professionals and people.” 

Our Instructional coaches play a pivotal role in supporting our teachers lifelong learning.

The training was led by our district’s instructional coaches: Aaron Girard, Kerriann Hamlin, Kieran Weir, Laura Salinetti, Meghan Testa, and Renata Relyea.  

Want to learn more about our instructional coaches? Watch here!