North Colonie Pulls Out “All the Stops” on Bus Driver Appreciation Day

The North Colonie Central School District pulled out all the stops to honor their dedicated team of bus drivers and aides on Bus Driver Appreciation Day.

image of transportation team in bus garage

To celebrate, the district’s transportation department organized a special celebration to recognize the hard work and commitment of their team, which plays a critical role in safely transporting students to and from school each day.

It’s not just about the drivers,” said Denise Towne, Director of Transportation. “It’s about the drivers who weather each storm to bring kids to and from school safely, our bus aides that watch over our students with special needs, our mechanics who make sure our buses are in safe working order, and our office staff, who are the first ones in the door and last ones out. Our department is filled with staff that go the extra mile to make it happen each and every day.”

Once morning routes ended, drivers and aides were treated to a delicious meal as a token of appreciation for their tireless efforts in ensuring the safe and efficient transportation of students. The breakfast provided an opportunity for members of the transportation department to socialize, share stories and strengthen bonds within their team.

In addition to the breakfast, the bus drivers were also gifted customized bus keychains bearing their names – a small token of appreciation for the contributions that they make in our North Colonie community. The keychains were made by Amanda Cutter, who serves as Assistant Director of Transportation.

“The folks who work in Transportation are the heroes of the pre-dawn,” said Towne. “They are up before the sun, get into a cold bus and still have a smile on their face each time they open the bus door. ” 

Bus Driver Appreciation Day at North Colonie CSD was truly a memorable and meaningful event, showcasing the district’s dedication to honoring and celebrating their hardworking bus drivers who play a vital role in ensuring the success of their students’ educational journey.