Marcus Puccioni to be Appointed Shaker High School Principal

It is with great enthusiasm that Superintendent of Schools Kathleen Skeals recommends to the Board of Education the appointment of Marcus Puccioni to the position of Shaker High School Principal. Mr. Puccioni is currently principal of Boght Hills Elementary. The Board of Education is scheduled to act on this recommendation at the June 12, 2023 special meeting.

The district conducted an internal search for this position and last week a committee including   student, parent, faculty, administration, and central administration representatives interviewed exceptionally well qualified candidates for this important position. “I’d like to thank all of the candidates for their interest in this position and their commitment to the continued growth and success of Shaker High School,” said Superintendent Skeals. “I would also like to thank all of the members of the committee for their willingness to serve and provide valuable input.”

Mr. Puccioni comes to this role with a wide range of experiences as an educator. He started his career as a teacher in Los Angeles, California where he taught for seven years, first as a sixth, seventh, and eighth grade math teacher, followed by a sixth grade classroom teacher, and then spent his last years in California teaching English as a new language.

Mr. Puccioni began his administrative career as the Dean of Instruction at Lansing Academy in Michigan from 2009 to 2011, a role which encompassed supervising special education services, academic intervention services, and working as an instructional coach. From there, he was promoted to the principal of Lansing Academy serving 700+ students in grades 5-8 where he worked from 2011 to 2013.

In 2013 when he moved to New York, Mr. Puccioni served as the principal of Brighter Choice Charter School for Girls and he was the supervisor of both Brighter Choice Schools on the Albany campus. This supervisory role included supervision and management for both campuses including logistics, business office management, and human resources.

Mr. Puccioni was selected as the Boght Hills principal in 2017, replacing Mrs. Greiner, a long-term, beloved principal who had retired. Mr. Puccioni immediately established himself with the faculty and the parent community, leading the building forward in a thoughtful and intentional manner. A humble servant leader who is an advocate for all children, Mr. Puccioni understands systems and structures, and is able to analyze situations, work collaboratively, and make improvements for the better. He is a visible and approachable leader, who is held in high regard by the faculty, the parents, and the students at Boght Hills.

“With Mr. Puccioni, I believe we get the best of both worlds. We get an internal candidate who understands the North Colonie culture and the expectations of the parent community, plus we get someone with fresh eyes who brings multiple and varied experiences to the high school. I believe that the skills that allowed him to be so successful following a beloved leader at Boght Hills will serve him well in this new role,” said Superintendent Skeals.  

Mr. Puccioni will begin his role as Shaker High School Principal starting on July 1. Finding a new principal for Boght Hills will be a district priority. Having a principal opening already posted, we will review all the highly qualified candidates and conduct interviews before the end of the month with successful candidates scheduled to be appointed at the July 10 meeting of the Board of Education.