Khaliel Felder: “A symbol for all of us of the power of the work we do as educators.”

It was only fitting that at his last Board of Education meeting as superintendent, Mr. Joe Corr nominated the January NC Kids Care recipient. It was also only fitting that Mr. Corr gave the nomination speech about the NCCSD graduate, now district employee Khaliel Felder during the Jan. 24 meeting, bringing many in the room to tears.

Why was the 2018 graduate who is now an educational aide at Shaker Middle School Mr. Corr’s nomination? 

“Khaliel, you are a good man,” Mr. Corr said. “And a good man who shows when given significant challenges in life you have the capacity to learn, and to grow, and to basically bring out that wonderful humanity that was always a part of you.

“Khaliel has a very uncanny and natural ability to connect to students and he takes his life experience to support other students and connect in a way that shows a true understanding of who they are and in a way that reflects his humanity and an affirmation of their humanity.”

Superintendent Corr went on to state: “So, I look at you and the man you’ve become and I feel that you are a symbol for all of us of the power of the work we do as educators. That power to connect with each and every student and help them to see their greatness.”

Mr. Corr went on to encourage Khaliel to further pursue a career in education because children need people like him working with students on a regular basis.

“So you are here, Khaliel as a kid who cares because you have done wonderful work and represent who we want working with children each and every day. You bring that joy to the floor each and every day and we are so grateful for that.

“So I want to thank you for the way you have grown, for the man you have become, and the way you care for each and every student under your care. You have a wonderful future ahead of you.”