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Joe Corr: National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award

| January 31, 2023

Among the accolades and honors given to retiring Superintendent Joe Corr during the last several months, weeks, and days, there was at least one that came as a very unexpected surprise. And for many in the audience at the Board of Education meeting on Jan. 24, it was equally surprising because it is so rare for this honor to be bestowed. It is National PTAs highest honor.

The National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award was presented to Mr. Corr by BOE member Mary Alber and North Colonie PTA Council President Melissa Veino.

Retiring superintendent Joe Corr with student on his last day, Jan. 31.

The National PTA Lifetime Achievement Award honors someone who has made a contribution to children’s welfare, as well as promoted the work of National PTA. Mr. Corr enjoyed every chance to be out in schools amongst students on his last day as superintendent Jan. 31.

“This award honors someone who has made a contribution to children’s welfare, as well as promoted the work of National PTA,” Mrs. Alber said. “Mr. Corr came to mind immediately as a nominee for this award due to his 50 years in education and his 41 years at North Colonie where he has taught, coached and has been a champion for children, educators, and parents.”

This award honors someone who has made a contribution to children’s welfare, as well as promoted the work of National PTA. PTA Council donated money for the award that now goes into the National PTA’s Endowment Fund to help ensure the longevity of the PTA for charitable and educational purposes.

Mrs. Veino said that even though she stood before the BOE and audience in her official capacity as PTA Council president, “I stand here more importantly as a lifelong member of the North Colonie community, Shaker High School Class of 2000 graduate, a parent of three daughters enrolled in the district, and most recently as a five year member of the Boght Hills Elementary School PTA Board.

North Colonie Board of Education members group shot with retiring superintendent Joe Corr Jan. 24.

Mr. Corr received the National PTAs highest honor – the Lifetime Achievement Award – during his last BOE meeting Jan. 24.

“Occupying each of these roles has given me a deeper understanding and appreciation of the roles that Mr. Corr has played as an educator in the same classrooms I learned in,” she added. “An administrator planning for the advances needed to accommodate the ever changing needs of a new generation of learners like my children, and an ally for parents and families through his unwavering dedication to our PTA missions.” 

 Mrs. Alber is a prior North Colonie PTA Council leader and prior SEPTA president.

“I witness Mr. Corr take extra care over the years to tailor his budget presentation for the Special Education PTA so that special education PTA members could see how budget decisions in North Colonie included Special Education areas to address their needs/concerns,” she said. “At the North Colonie PTA Council where all PTA presidents in our district get together to work out issues Mr. Corr has never missed a meeting … over the years he has been a champion for equity across PTAs so that children can experience all that PTA has to offer at every school building.  As a result the North Colonie PTA Council has sponsored this award for Mr. Corr tonight.”

 Mrs. Veino stated: “Mr. Corr, I want to personally thank you for your presence, support, and guidance to our PTAs during the challenging times we have recently faced. And now, the PTA Council would like to present you this evening with the highest award that National PTA offers, the Life Achievement Award.

“This honor is only to be granted to one who acts as a tireless advocate for children’s education, health, and well-being. Congratulations on a career that not only meets, but exceeds these criteria.

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