BOE Adopts Proposed 24-25 Budget 

Note: This web story covers the second portion of the March 27 budget meeting – review of schedules; proposed revenues & expenditures; property tax cap; and budget summary/adoption. To read the web story that covers the first portion of the meeting which covered enrollment, proposed new programs, and staffing click here.

The NCCSD’s Board of Education adopted the proposed 2024-25 budget at the conclusion of the March 27 budget meeting. This was the final in a series of annual public budget meetings to review the proposed 2024-25 budget. The livestream from the meeting and the presentation are available along with all prior meetings on the Budget and Finance webpage.

The budget for the 2024-25 school year is projected to be $154,092,414. The proposed plan would increase spending next year by $7,105,544 (4.83%), which includes $5,705,580 transfer of capital reserve already approved by taxpayers. The 2.5 percent projected tax levy is below the 3.61 percent allowable under the state’s property tax cap law.

The $5,705,580 of capital reserve is similar to a savings account and this money is already set aside. If voters approve the move of these dollars to the capital project fund, it will allow the district to begin addressing needed improvements to most schools across the district beginning in the summer of 2025.

Each of the proposed budgets for the staffing, equipment, maintenance projects, interfund transfers, and new programs & initiatives was reviewed by the BOE and presented by Superintendent Kathleen Skeals.

Presented during the first part of the two-part meeting, the staffing (Schedule A) proposal addresses teacher needs in ENL, world language, special education, technology, social studies, science, health/PE, music, art, district safety, and athletics.  

The requests for equipment (Schedule B) totaled $838,287 – down from $1 million in the 23-24 school year. Of the total for 24-25, the majority is for technology equipment ($461,179) and then facilities ($182,000).

Maintenance Projects 
The maintenance projects (Schedule C) proposed for the 24-25 budget total $220,132. The types of annual projects include: window blind replacements, boiler upgrades, playground surfaces, ceiling tile replacements, and in-house abatements.

Interfund Transfers 
The bulk of the proposed interfund transfers (Schedule D) totaling $7,371,457 is $7,031,457 to transfer to the Capital Fund. As already mentioned, this includes $5,705,580 to the capital project and has no tax impact for the community.

Projects to be funded by the Capital Reserve are: districtwide radio replacements; Blue Creek Elementary cafeteria abatement work; Loudonville Elementary music room lead abatement project; Latham Ridge Elementary gymnasium equipment renovations; and among projects at SHS are single occupancy restrooms. 

Capital Reserve project work is projected to begin in the summer of 2025, Assistant Superintendent for Business Cybil Howard said. “This would be a kick start to what we hope is a successful capital project but the work could get started a bit quicker, and we are really proud that it can mainly be completed by our North Colonie maintenance and operations staff.”

$1,325,877 of interfund transfers will go toward the purchase of six diesel buses and two, 30-passenger EV buses after the $342,000 NYSERDA rebate.

New Programs and Initiatives
As presented during the first part of the meeting, the new programs and initiatives (Schedule E) include: Freshman Seminar, “A Take a Look at Teaching” class, Athletic Training, Individual Arts Assessment Pathway, Director of Health and Safety, and Shaker Garden Coordinator (contingent on receiving a grant).

In summarizing the revenue and expenditures for the total proposed budget of $154,092,414, Mrs. Howard said, “I feel we are presenting to you a budget that is very sustainable in terms of moving forward and that is shown by the fact we are only appropriating $721,572 of fund balance in a year where we are adding some positions.”

Mrs. Howard pointed out that the district often talks about being in the business of serving people. NCCSD is the biggest employer in North Colonie and the largest expenses are in salaries and benefits, representing 78.35 percent of the total budget.

“We believe this is a very fiscally responsible budget to put forward to our community,” Superintendent Skeals said. “We are very proud of what it presents and does for our families.” 

The first budget meeting, held March 5, was an introduction to the overall 2024-25 budget process as well as the proposed Capital Project  to be included on the May 21 budget vote. Visit our Budget and Finance webpage for additional meeting summary information and how to vote in this year’s election.