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8410.1, Use of School Buses

School buses shall be used exclusively to transport eligible pupils, district employees, or other authorized adults acting in a supervisory capacity while on the bus. Other short-term uses (e.g. short-term loans of buses to other districts) may be individually approved by the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent for Business with notice to the Board. Long-term uses of buses must be approved by the Board of Education.
Any other use of school buses must be authorized by Board of Education action.

Cross-ref: 8410.6 Student Conduct on School Buses

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Note: Prior policies, Transportation of Students, 3550 and 3553

Policy Adopted: November 12, 1962
Amended: January 25, 1988
Amended: December 19, 1988
Amended: April 24, 1989
Amended: February 27, 1990
Amended: June 21, 1999
Amended: July 7, 2011