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8410.6, Student Conduct on School Buses

The school bus driver has the same authority and responsibility on the bus as does the teacher in the classroom.

All students riding on North Colonie school buses shall be expected to abide by the same disciplinary standards as apply in the classroom and on school grounds. Because of the hazard created by misbehaving on the school bus, students who are disorderly or insubordinate shall be subject to suspension of their riding privileges.

  1. As in the classroom, undesirable behavior should be anticipated and dealt with in a timely and appropriate manner.
  2. In general, it is expected that the driver will be able to handle disciplinary situations through normal communication with the student or other appropriate measures.
  3. The driver does not have authority except in an emergency situation to refuse to pick up a pupil, nor may they order a student off the bus while en route to the student’s drop off point, unless such action has been approved by the Director of Transportation or the principal.
  4. Students not responsive to “on-the-bus” disciplinary procedures will be reported to the Director of Transportation on a bus referral form, which will be forwarded to the School/Principal/Designeee for action. In some instances, the Director of Transportation may handle disciplinary situations, such as cases involving a single student, where no injuries are involved.

Should the Director of Transportation, with the concurrence of the Principal, determine that a pupil should be temporarily denied transportation services to and from school, the Principal or Director of Transportation shall inform the parent of this action. If the Principal does not concur, the Director of Transportation shall have the option of making his/her recommendation of action to the Superintendent. In this case, the Superintendent will make the determination of appropriate action.

Service to the pupil shall be restored only when the Director and the Principal are satisfied with sincere assurances by the pupil and parent(s) that their behavior will be appropriate. Suspensions from bus transportation of more than five (5) days must be approved by the Superintendent. Special needs students may be suspended for no more than ten (10) days per year without a review by CSE .

Note: Prior policy, Bus Discipline, 5144.1

Policy Adopted: September 28, 2987
Amended: June 21, 1999
Amended: July 7, 2011