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6100, Annual Budget

As required by New York Education Law, the Board of Education will adopt a proposed budget for each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The proposed budget will be prepared in the form required by New York State Education Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner, having three components: an administrative component, a program component, and a capital component, to be voted upon as one proposition. The proposed budget will state the balance on hand at the beginning of the fiscal year, the estimated receipts and expenditures during the fiscal year, and the balance expected at the end of the fiscal year. Expenditure and revenue comparisons for the preceding budget year will be summarized in the budget documents. The budget will be written in plain language and organized in a manner which best promotes the public’s understanding of its contents.

The Board will adopt the proposed budget at least seven days prior to the public hearing at which the Board will present the budget to the voters. Copies of the budget will be prepared for publication and made available upon request to residents within the district during the fourteen (14) days preceding the date of the budget vote, at each school building in the district, at the school district offices, and at any public library or free association library within the district, during regular business hours other than weekends and holidays, as well as on the district’s website.

Additionally, budget information will be distributed to residents prior to the budget vote.

Budget – Expenditure Plan

Once adopted and approved by the voters of the district, the official budget will govern costs of operation and all school personnel will be responsible for complying with budgetary limitations.

No major function or program appropriation in the official budget will be encumbered in excess of the amount appropriated except through the Superintendent’s approval and notification to the Board.

5210-R, Student Organizations Regulation
6150, Budget Transfers

NYS Education Law, §§ 1608; 1716; 1718; 1804; 2002; 2022
General Municipal Law §36
8 NYCRR 170.8

Note: Prior policies, Budget, 3100; Preparation of Budget Document (2nd paragraph only), 3130; and Budget Expenditure Plan, 3170

Policy Adopted: November 12, 1973
Amended: June 22, 1998
Amended: December 21, 2015