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1500-R, Use of School Facilities Regulations


1.a. The Administration directs the Building Principal to manage all community use of that schools building’s facilities, and non-premier fields as policy requires.
b. The Administration directs the Athletic Director to manage all community use of the district’s interscholastic athletic fields, only located on the HS/JHS/BC complex.

2. When the Board has approved the basic school calendar, the Principal, and/or Athletic Director with staff, shall be responsible for the development of a calendar setting forth public utilization of facilities.

Responsibility of Renting Groups

  1. It shall be the joint responsibility of the renting organization and the Principal and/or Athletic Director to obtain proof of insurance and calculate custodial, supervisory and other personnel needs, as well as all other charges, before the Revocable License Form For Use of School Facilities (See 1500 E.1) is finalized. (See paragraph J.) When, in the judgment of the school authorities, security service is needed, the organization shall provide such service as is satisfactory to the Principal/Athletic Director. No approved user group is allowed to transfer their authorization for use of facility to another group.
  2. The Department of Recreation of the Town of Colonie and the Colonie Youth Center shall be permitted to use school playgrounds and designated restroom facilities in school buildings for summer recreation purposes, providing an agreement in a form satisfactory with the Board of Education is entered into annually between the organization and the school district.
  3. The proceeds of admissions received from groups classified as I-IVwhile using school facilities, must be dedicated to educational, recreational, charitable, cultural, or community purposes, and may not be applied for the benefit of a society, association or organization of a religious sect or denomination, or of a fraternal, secret or exclusive society or organization. User groups must provide a complete report of proceeds and their disposition, if so requested.
  4. It is the responsibility of the renting organization to complete, within three business days, (one day for a serious pool incident) a District “Incident Report” Exhibit #E-10 in the event of personal injury/accident occurring on school property during the course of the organization’s use of facilities. Such report shall be submitted to the Building Principal/Athletic Director. In case of emergency, the Accident Procedure Flow Chart (1500 E.9) shall be followed.

Approval Procedure

The following steps shall be followed with regard to revocable license form (#1500-E.1):

  1. Upon receipt of an inquiry regarding the use of building facilities, an appointment shall be made to meet, in person, with the Building Principal/Athletic Director, or their designee, at which time all required information shall be provided by the requesting organization to make a good estimate of expected charges and such information shall be clearly communicated at time of such meeting. The applicant completes and signs the form, provides insurance certificate, and if applicable lifeguard certifications, (see 1500 E.7) custodial set-up forms (1500 E.5 or 1500 E.6), not for profit NYS/Federal Group exemption letter, and returns all to the School Principal (for use of buildings) or Athletic Director (for use of fields).
  2. The Building Principal/Administrator or their designee shall complete this cost estimate, verifies all other applicable information such as classification, name of organization, possession of insurance certificate, etc., which copy shall be provided to the applicant, upon approval.
    NOTE for Use of Facilities by Class I, II Groups:Each school will be allowed to develop and utilize their own internal record keeping system for Use of Facilities by Class I and II groups. See 1500 E.11 for example.
  3. Upon disposition of the request by the Principal/Athletic Director, a copy of the form is returned to the applicant marked “approved” or “ disapproved”, if approveda copy of this policy is provided to the requesting organization, and a second copy is sent to the Business Office, from which an invoice will be issued, a third copy should be given to the custodian to be on duty for the event, and a fourth copy should be retained as the building office file copy.
  4. If adjustment of billing is in order after the use of facilities takes place, the Business Office will handle rebates or additional billing. Any additional funds which may be owed the school district are due 30 days from the date of invoice. Failure to pay past invoices may prohibit future use of facilities.

Appeals: Any disagreement as to the disposition of requests by user for organizations, or charges levied by the district, may be initially addressed to the Assistant Superintendent for Business and ultimately to the Superintendent of Schools who shall make the final decision.


It is the responsibility of the applicant/designee for the organization using district facilities to assure adequate responsible adult supervision and security for all organization participants using the facility. It is understood that children will be supervised AT ALL TIMES. This requirement includes brothers, sisters, friends, etc. of student participants and children of adult participants. Children are not allowed to access any portion of the building not specifically signed out for by the organization. Unacceptable behavior of organization participants or guests of organization participants may result in loss of future use of facilities.

Further it is the responsibility of the organization to pay for appropriate supervision, security and custodial services if deemed necessary by the Administration.

Facility Regulations

Groups shall be responsible for enforcing the following use regulations:

  1. Smoking: Smoking shall not be permitted anywhere in the school buildings or on school grounds. (Section 1399n of the NYS Health Law)
  2. Intoxicants/illegal drugs and paraphernalia: Alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs and paraphernalia are forbidden on school property and shall not be in the possession of any person at any time on any of the school grounds or in any school building.
  3. Restriction to Facilities Rented: Rental use shall be limited to the facilities specified in the rental agreement and shall, under no circumstances, extend to other rooms, areas, fields or equipment. Otherwise, additional charges and/or revocation of use of facilities may be incurred should additional spaces or time be utilized.
  4. Care of Property: No alteration is to be made to any school property or equipment unless approved in advance by the Administrator in the initial application. Care shall be taken not to mar, deface, or in any way damage school walls, floors, fixtures, furnitureequipment or fields. Fields are not to be marked, striped, painted, mowed or altered without the express written permission of the Athletic Director/Building Principal and Director of Facilities. The renting organization shall be liable for any damages (including labor, materials and supplies) to school property occurring during the time of rental and/or as a result of that rental.

Misuse of Facilities

All user groups are to be held responsible for the cost (labor plus materials) of repairing damage to property and equipment when such damage occurs as a result of group’s use.

The Principal/Athletic Director will take such actions as he/she considers appropriate, including but not limited to warning letters, and suspension of the privileges of further use of that school’s grounds or facilities (or charges may incur), if the user organizations misuse the facilities or misconduct occurs on the part of members of the user organization. If facilities are not left clean by the using group as specified in the policy, appropriate notice shall be given to the using group by the Principal. Such revocation shall be in writing for a period of time to be determined by the Administration.

Plans for mounting decorations shall be discussed ahead of time with the Principal and shall then be carried out only if he/she approves them and only under the conditions he/she stipulates.

Tables and chairs shall not be used in such a way as to block or impede the egress of hallways, entry foyers, auditoriums, etc. within the building.

  1. Fire Prevention: All basic fire safety regulations shall be observed. No open flames for lighting effects, such as candles, flame lamps, pyrotechnics or fog/smoke machines shall be used inside any facility. The Principal shall notify the Director of Facilities when it is anticipated that a large audience will be using the auditorium, gymnasium or other areas. Outside use of such lighting effects noted above may be utilized if prior appropriate authorization by the Director of Facilities is provided.

    It is the responsibility of the applicant/designee of the organization to identify all emergency exits for the portion of the facility being used for all organization participants and guests each time the facility is used. The organization must be capable of accounting for all organization members and guests in the event of an emergency.

    Read the following to all in attendance:
    For fire safety purposes, your emergency exits for this location are located_____________
    (point to them).
    The fire evacuation route from this location is ____________
    (provide specific directions to attendants).

    The using organization is responsible for assuring all organization participants maintain clearance of ALL MARKED FIRE LANES for the building.
  2. Food and Beverages: Food and beverages shall not be served in any school area outside the cafeteriasnor should any electrical extension cords be used unless special permission is secured in advance from the Principal/Athletic Director. Additional charges may apply.

Use of Swimming Pool

Whenever a swimming pool is used by a group, an adult shall be in supervisory charge. All required standards of hygiene, sanitation and safety shall be met for groups, with certified lifeguards in attendance and strict limitation to pool activity. See 1500 E.7 for required CPR certifications. See 1500 E.7 for Supervision Level III Aquatic Staff Certification requirements. See 1500 E.8 for the Pool Safety Plan.

Chemical concentration of pool water shall be adjusted only by the District’s certified pool operator.

Use of Stage

Any use of the stage, sound and lighting systems shall be checked and approved by the Director of Facilities.

Any use of school stages must be reviewed and approved by the Principal of the building. The special nature of the stage use must be stated in the request. If light and sound services are needed, this request must be made separate from the use of the stage/auditorium. Additional costs for light and sound services may be charged depending on the nature of the request.

Extra Charges

Extra costs incurred by the district in providing use of the facilities shall be charged as noted in the Schedule of Charges (1500-E.2)

Note: Assuming that the district is not operating under a contingency budget, the Superintendent of Schools, at his/her discretion, may waive all rental and other charges, one time per year, per group.


User groups shall hold the North Colonie Central School District harmless from any liability for damages to person(s) or property except those resulting from the negligence of the North Colonie Central School District, its agents or employees.

Unless exempted, or reduced coverage is granted, user groups must furnish liability and property damage insurance with an aggregate limit of $2,000,000 and a combined single limit of at least $1,000,000 for bodily injury and property damage prior to authorization of use of the facility. Such insurance must designate the North Colonie Central School District as insured and must be filed with the Assistant Superintendent for Business before the use takes place. A thirty-day note of cancellation clause must appear within the policy.

A. Principals may exempt activities where less than twenty-five persons are expected to attend, provided that each person provides the school with a signed copy of the School Use Release Form (Exhibit 1500-E.3).
B. The Assistant Superintendent for Business may exempt or reduce the coverage requirement when more than twenty-five persons are expected to attend based on the recommendation of the Principal. In this regard, the Principal should determine what coverage is available from the user groups.

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Note: Prior regulation, Use of School Facilities, 1330(a)-(d)

January 22, 1979 (1330 (b))
December 16, 1986 (l330 (a))
September 28, 1987 (1330 (d))
September 5, 1991 (1330 (c))
February 24, 1997
Amended: October 25, 2005
Amended: May 22, 2006
Amended: July 5, 2006
Amended: January 23, 2012