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Technology & Engineering Department

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Technology and Engineering Education is 21st century instruction where students collaborate and learn from their experiences designing, creating and testing solutions. In Technology and Engineering Education, students apply Math, Science, and their knowledge of materials, tools and processes.

Shaker High School Students can gain knowledge and skills with their choice of 5 career pathways in the Technology Education and Engineering Department. Each career pathway or sequence of courses is approved by the New York State Education Department and includes a professional exam and an internship. Students who complete all the required courses and pass the professional exam will receive the Regents CTE endorsement on their diploma.

NYSED Approved Technology & Engineering Career Pathways:

  1. Architectural Drawing
  2. Building Sciences
  3. Engineering Technology
  4. Pre-Engineering
  5. Mechatronics

Shaker Middle School 

View Technology & Engineering offerings in the Shaker Middle School Course Catalog

Technology 7

Seventh grade technology is the first half of the one unit junior high technology program. The emphasis in this course is on the history of technology, the resources of technology, and the components or subsystems that make up larger technological systems, students will use tools and machines to solve technology related problems. Seventh grade students will attend technology for fifteen weeks on an everyday basis.

Technology 8

All students are required to take one unit of technology by the end of eighth grade. The emphasis in this course is on process and problem solving. Students design and construct solutions to challenging problems. In eighth grade students receive twenty consecutive weeks of technology study on an every day basis.

Design and Drawing for Production 8

Eighth grade elective for Engineering students.

Shaker High School 

View Technology & Engineering offerings in the Shaker High School Course Catalog

Shaker High School has a Technology Education department that offers more than 20 different courses to choose from, with a NYS Education Department approved program in Pre-Engineering. Students who complete a specific five-unit sequence will get a “Pre-Engineering” endorsement on their diploma.