A Community Conversation: One Pill Can Kill – Event Recording and Resources

We held our first of what will ongoing conversations regarding the new landscape of illicit drugs Feb. 15. If you want to review what was discussed or were unable to attend, here are the: 

Recording of the Feb. 15 Community Conversation: One Pill Can Kill 

Slides shown at the Feb. 15 event

Additional resources:

Where to seek help locally:

The Addictions Care Center of Albany, Inc.
Phone: (518) 465-5470

Conifer Park
Phone: (800) 926-6433 

Hope House, Inc.
Phone: 518-482-HOPE (4673)

St. Peter’s Addiction Recovery Center (SPARC)
Phone: (518) 783-5381 (Latham Branch)  

NYS Office of Substance Abuse Services and Support


Message to the Community (prior to the event):

On the evening of Wednesday Feb. 15, we will launch the first of what will be ongoing, important, and frank conversations regarding the evolving landscape of illicit drugs. Any parent, family member, or caregiver of a student of any age should strongly consider attending this online community conversation. The types of drugs and their availability is dramatically different from when we grew up, or even from just a few years ago.

Our North Colonie CSD counselors and health teachers have prepared a program that will provide an overview of who is doing what drugs – and it’s not the students you would likely think. This is not about “good kid, bad kid.” We and schools around the region, state, and country are witnessing it across all peer groups. The prevalence of drug availability over social media channels such as Snapchat and Tiktok has made all students from all backgrounds more susceptible. It is no longer the old-school drug dealer luring our youth, nor are these the same illicit drugs of even recent years they are being offered.

The potency of the pills available today, fake pills often disguised to be prescription medications, can kill. Several grains of fentanyl in just one pill can cause death within minutes. Additionally, the strength of these pills’ addictive properties can create dependency issues that are even worse the younger a person starts taking them.

This conversation opens the door for all of us to step through together to support our students. Please join us for this event recording on Wednesday,  Feb. 15 beginning at 7 p.m. 



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