2022-2023 Two-Hour Delay and Early Dismissal Times

2-Hour Delay

If there is a two-hour delay, the first instructional period begins:

Shaker High School – 9:34 am
Shaker Middle School – 10:07 am
All Elementary Schools – 11:20 am

For Shaker High School students who attend Votech classes, the following will apply in the event of a 2-hour delay:

  • In the event of a North Colonie CSD 2-hour delay AND a BOCES delay, there will be no AM BOCES. Students will need to report to Shaker High School starting with period 5, which will begin at 11:45 on delay days. Students will need to provide their own transportation to Shaker if they opt not to arrive until 11:45.
  • In the event of a North Colonie Central School District 2 hour delay, but BOCES is not delayed, students can opt to attend Votech for their regularly scheduled morning session, but district transportation will not be provided to BOCES, but will be provided back to
    Shaker. Attendance at BOCES is not mandatory if North Colonie is delayed, but BOCES is not delayed (this would be considered an excused absence from Votech for those that do not attend).
  • Afternoon BOCES sessions will run as normal.

Early Dismissal Times Due to Inclement Weather

3 Hour 2 Hour  1 Hour 
Shaker High School  11:15 am  12:15 pm  1:15 pm
Shaker Middle School  12:15 pm  1:15 pm  2:15 pm
All elementary schools 1:15 pm   2:15 pm  3:15 pm