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Library Media Center

Library Resources

Access the Southgate Library catalog. From here, you can search for books, access databases, and see what’s new in the library.


During their time in the library, students are exposed to a variety of literature:

  • Authors and illustrators
  • Award-winning books
  • Multicultural literature
  • Literary genres
  • Book talks

Library Skills

Students will learn library skills appropriate for each grade level, including searching for materials on the library catalog and databases and locating the materials.


The research objective is that students become competent in the research process by using available and appropriate materials. While students in the primary grades may begin learning to research, all students in grades four, five and six are involved in a formal project. The projects are tied to the science or social studies curriculum for each grade.

During the research process students:

  • Locate and select resources
  • Evaluate sources and information
  • Extract relevant information from sources
  • Cite sources

Computer Literacy

Computer literacy is part of the library curriculum in grades four through six. Students learn about:

  • Internet use and evaluating Web sites
  • Internet safety
  • Ethical issues including copyright and plagiarism

Mrs. Janet Parmalee, NBCT
Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Loretta Smith
Library Clerk

Library Hours 8:05 a.m. – 2:30 p.m.
Phone: (518) 785-6607

Visit Southgate’s Online Library.