Shaker Middle School student Ameer Salamah recognized for being kind to others

Ameer (Miro) Salamah with Board of Education President Linda Harrison.

Ameer Salamah (Miro), a 6th grade Shaker Middle School student, was recognized on Mon., Dec. 20 at the Board of Education meeting as the December 2021 North Colonie Kids Care recipient

He was nominated for the award by health teacher Mr. Keith Bateman for his willingness to help fellow students. “Not only have I seen Miro assist other students in my own classroom, but I have been observing him consistently demonstrate it all over the school. I’m not sure which is more impressive – the fact that he will come up to my desk and privately volunteer to help someone out or that he does it so naturally when no one is watching,” said Mr. Bateman.

According to his mother, Jumana, Miro is also very helpful at home. In addition to exhibiting goodwill toward other students, he takes his studies seriously as evidenced by his making the High Honor Roll for the first quarter for the 2021-22 school year.

“I know that you will always be kind,” said North Colonie Board of Education President Linda Harrison. “You are a great example of what we need more of in this world. We are so proud of you.”

Congratulations, Miro!

A bit more about Miro:

  • He has played soccer since the age of five.
  • He loves riding his bike in the summer and fall.
  • He plays the violin. 
  • He likes playing video games.



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