Nov. 16 Seminar: Helping Children with Anxiety, Worries, Panic & COVID-Related Fears

Seminar for Elementary Parents:
Helping Children with Anxiety, Worries, Panic & COVID-Related Fears

Parents: Learn how to see things differently and bring groundbreaking solutions home with you!

Licensed Psychologist Dr. Randy Cale will introduce an evolving “Focus-Forward” Approach that parents can bring home and put into daily practice. The lessons cover how to help kids reduce their fears & anxieties through parental changes in the home. Many times, the efforts to help with anxiety are only making them worse, and time reveals this truth. In addition, Dr. Cale will discuss specific tools for your children that are proven to reduce anxiety and promote a strong sense of confidence. Learn this and more!

Is this for you? The answer is Yes … if you:
• Have a child who struggles with anxiety, worry, panic or fears?
• COVID created or amplified those fears and anxieties?
• Feel desperate to help your child with their struggles?
• Dance around your child’s behaviors or fears. Lose sleep with worries?
• Have read every book, talked to every doctor, but nothing is working?
• Realize medication/counseling isn’t really helping! it’s time for a change!  Please Attend!

Wednesday, Nov. 16
7:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m.
Blue Creek Elementary
Free Child Care provided
; please provide in advance to your school counselor your name and number of children for child care. Counselor contact information is listed HERE.

Your presenter Dr. Cale, in addition to being a licensed psychologist, is an author, speaker, and parenting coach. You may have seen him on NBC, Fox News, or read his articles in the various magazines & newspapers. He has also created numerous parenting solutions, available now in digital form. As part of his practice, he now offers Neurofeedback Mapping (Qeeg), & Neurofeedback Training. This technology helps children and adults transform their thoughts and behaviors to function with optimal happiness & success.