North Colonie Virtual Summer Project Showcase

Use the Renzulli Learning System to dive deep into your passions and create a project to showcase your learning! Projects will be displayed on our own North Colonie site within the Renzulli platform.

Students in grades K-6 will have the opportunity to complete their projects from June 17-July 31. Projects will be showcased from August 1-15. Information on how to access the showcase will be sent out after completed projects are submitted.

Steps for Participation:

1. Log in to the Renzulli System through ClassLink.
2. Fill out your personal learning profile.
3. Send an email to Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Shepard ( ; to let us know that your profile is complete and you wish to participate in the Summer Showcase.
4. You can choose to complete a Guided Project or create your own project from scratch.

  • Guided projects can be found in the Super Starter Project under the “My Projects” tab
  • To create your own project, use the “Project Wizard” which will help you every step of the way. (Watch the student tutorial here)

5. Have fun creating your project!
6. Upload your project to the Showcase by clicking the “ADD” button under the Share Step in the Project Wizard.
7. If you have any questions along the way or need help with anything, feel free to email Mrs. Parks & Mrs. Shepard. We will also have “office hours” on Wednesday mornings from 9 – 10:30 a.m. to email or set up a Zoom conference if you need assistance.