NC Students Compete at Karate World Championships

Congratulations to North Colonie students who earlier this summer competed at the competed at the 10th World Union of Karate (WUKF) Karate World Championships in Florida.

Morgan McGlynn, a 2022 SHS graduate;  Daniel McGlynn, grade 11; and middle school students Madelyn McGlynn and Lucas Zhang represented the AAU-USA team.

WUKF is one of the largest karate organizations. For the first time, the championship was held in the United States with over 1400 athletes from 34 countries participating.

  • Morgan won silver in Kobudo Eku Long Weapon Juniors 18-20 Years Female
  • Daniel won silver in Kobudi Eku Long Weapon Cadets16-17 Years Male
  • Lucas  won silver in Kata Shotokan Male Cadets All Belts 14-15 Years Male

Lucas also participated 2022 AAU Karate National Championships held this summer and won Gold in the 2022 AAU National Karate Short Weapon 14-15 Years Male, Gold in Ultimate Rotational Kumite 14-15 Years Male, and Bronze in Long Weapon 14-15 Years Male.

picture of Daniel McGlynn
Daniel McGlynn
picture of Morgan McGlynn
Morgan McGlynn
picture of Lucas Zhang
Lucas Zhang


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