February NC Kids Care Honorees: “Positive Energy and Passionate”

The North Colonie Kids Care Program is our District’s  chance to highlight accomplishments of our students that are a “step above” many of the great things many of our students already do each and every day. The two young ladies nominated to receive the February 2023 recognition were Shaker Middle School eighth-graders Shreya Sharath and Zohal Maryam.

They have been nominated for their strong contributions to the Change Makers Club at Shaker Middle School. The Change Makers Club started 13 months ago and has already made a positive, indelible mark on the culture of Shaker Middle. They are among the core group of students who have come to be top representatives of what this club has set out to accomplish.

SMS students Shreya and Zohal present an overview to the BOE audience during the Feb. 27 meeting.
SMS students Shreya and Zohal present an overview of the Change Makers Club activities and contributions to the school and community to the BOE audience during its Feb. 27 meeting.

SMS Change Makers and these two students in particular, exemplify:

  • People who use their passions to solve problems they care about;
  • People who demonstrate perseverance and determination in the face of adversity;
  • Deep empathy and try to do as much good and as little harm as possible;
  • People who believe in equal rights and representation for all;
  • Leaders, encouragers, educators, and team members; and
  • Visionaries that can see the possibilities of a better future.

Club Advisors Mrs. Catara Westbrook and Sepideh Yasrebi said these two students have been, “consistent and dedicated members of our Changemakers Club. They always bring their positive energy, passion, and ideas to our meetings.”

Congratulations to Shreya and Zohal!