Eighth Grader Creates Intricate 3D Structures

Orange 3D rendering of The Arch of TriumphA SJHS student has taken an interest in creating 3D renderings of places he dreams of traveling to one day.

Everest Nelson-Holder gave us an idea of how much time goes into creating these works of art. “My print Le Arc De Triomphe took about 30 hours to print and 2-3 hours of removing support materials. Once all these steps are finished you have a complete 3D print.” He says this one is a personal favorite. “I’ve always wanted to 3D-print it as it’s one of the most notable creations of French architecture only behind the Eiffel Tower. The print was made with the material Z-PLA Pro on a Zortrax M200+ 3D printer.” The eighth grade student explains how he made each piece and why.


white 3D rendering of St. Basil's Cathedral


St. Basil’s Cathedral

“St. Basil’s Cathedral is arguably the most well known Russian landmark in the world. The Cathedral only took sixteen hours to print and multiple hours of removing support materials. I wanted to print the Cathedral mainly because of its size and beauty. The Cathedral is made with the material Z-ULTRAT and also printed on a Zortrax M200+ 3D printer.”



orange 3d rendering of the Basilica of Saint Mary


The Basilica of Saint Mary

“St. Mary’s Basilica is a true beauty as it is often not talked about. The Basilica took the longest to print at over 30 hours. The Basilica is one of the largest things I have ever printed. I printed it as I’ve always wanted to visit Krakow, where the Basilica is located. The Basilica was made with the material Z-PLA Pro and was printed on a M200+ 3D printer.”



red 3D print of Baba Yaga’s HutBaba Yaga’s Hut

“Baba Yaga’s Hut is quite different from what I usually print. Baba Yaga is a popular character in Russian folklore, often showing up in fairytales as the antagonist. The hut is often depicted as being on the edge of the woods on giant chicken legs so it can move quickly. I printed the hut really just because I thought it would be interesting to have. The hut took 14 hours to make using the material Z-PLA Pro on a M200+ 3D printer.” 

Everest said a lot of his inspiration comes from frequently hearing about different places in his Russian class.


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