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English as a New Language

In an increasingly interdependent world, knowledge of world languages and cultures is a vital part of the preparation for a student’s role in the world community.

Vision Statement

We are a school community that values diversity as an asset. Celebrating, validating, and preserving the multicultural and multilingual backgrounds of our students and their families while immersing them in our diverse national culture is essential. As advocates for our students and their families, we make connections and encourage their involvement in the school community. Students will be provided culturally relevant and academically challenging work that fosters their social and emotional development as members of the global community.

Community Organizations

explore a directory of community organizations within the North Colonie area that provide support and resources for families. It aims to connect parents with local community organizations, nonprofits, and agencies that offer services related to education, healthcare, social assistance, and more. Learn about how to access these services and contact these organizations.

View the ENL Department’s list of Community Organizations & Resources.

Translation Options

Are you looking for translation assistance? We have various translation options available to help bridge language barriers and facilitate effective communication between parents and the school district.

English Classes for Adults

Looking for information about English Language classes that are specifically designed for adults? Learn more about how North Colonie families can access language learning programs, classes and resources to help improve language proficiency.

These services are being listed for informational purposes only and any listings on this page are not an endorsement of the class nor programming being offered.

COVID-19 Resources

The ENL Department has a resource hub for parents, providing crucial information and updates related to the COVID-19 pandemic within the North Colonie Central School District.

It likely contains information on health guidelines, safety protocols, school closures, remote learning procedures, and vaccination resources. Parents can stay informed about the district’s response to the pandemic and access any necessary information regarding their child’s education during this time.