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9530.1, Vacation Schedules

Annual vacation schedules for all administrative personnel shall be submitted to the Superintendent of Schools for approval, on or before July 1st. Prior to such filing, the vacation schedule shall be reviewed by the administrator’s immediate supervisor, and the supervisor’s recommendation shall accompany the proposed vacation schedule.

In the planning and approval of administrative vacation schedules, the following guidelines shall apply:

  1. Provision of on-schedule completion of assigned responsibilities must be made.
  2. At least one administrator shall be on duty in each secondary school at all times when building office hours are in effect during the normal summer vacation period.
  3. Vacation schedules shall be planned for those periods of time when regular classes are not normally in session. Any exception to this provision must have the approval of the Superintendent.
  4. Vacation schedules shall be so planned as to avoid undue accumulation of vacation time at the close of the academic year.

Cross-ref9260, Employment Status

Note: Prior policy, Administrative Regulations-Vacation Schedules, 2510

Policy Adopted: October 9, 1973
Amended: January 25, 1999