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9131, Fingerprinting of Non-School District Personnel

In accordance with New York State Education Law and Regulations, certain non-school district personnel who meet specific criteria must be fingerprinted prior to working in the district.

Examples of Non-School District Personnel Subject To Fingerprinting:

  • Employees of contract service providers who are placed within the district buildings for more than five (5) days per school year and have direct contact with students. Examples: Psychologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Translators, and Counselors
  • Guest lecturers/Artist-in-Residence placed in a school for more than five (5) days per school year
  • Sports Officials
  • Unpaid Coaches

Examples of Non-School District Personnel Not Subject to Fingerprinting:

  • Volunteers
  • Contract employees with no direct contact with students
  • Outside consultants with direct contact with students for five (5) days or less.
  • Unpaid student interns or student teachers
  • Adult Education Instructors with no direct access to students

It will be the policy of the North Colonie Central School District that, in all contracts with outside agencies/contractors that have employees subject to the fingerprinting requirements set forth in the Education Law and accompanying Regulations, the district will require a clause mandating the compliance to this Law and accompanying Regulations by the agency/contractor.

Upon the request of the District [VENDOR/CONTRACTOR] shall submit proof of a fingerprint supported criminal history background check(s) for any agent(s) and/or employee(s) of the [VENDOR/CONTRACTOR] that will be responsible for performing the work described herein. The [VENDOR/CONTRACTOR] shall be responsible for any costs associated with securing said criminal history background check(s).

In addition, such contracts shall provide that the failure to produce fingerprint clearance on a contracted employee will result in the removal of the contracted agency until such time proper clearance is obtained.

Adopted: April 22, 2014