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8410.5, School Bus Safety

Notwithstanding that bus transportation is largely an off-campus operation, the behavior of student-riders en route and at all pick-up and discharge points during the process of loading and unloading shall be subject to school control.

Bus drivers shall have only emergency disciplinary powers, but they shall be fully instructed on the regulations governing student behavior and shall report to the school Principal or Director of Transportation any violations of such regulations, naming students or adults involved.

Adults shall not be allowed to board a school bus without the permission of the driver or administrator. Inappropriate adult behavior at all pick up or discharge points shall be reported to the Principal and the Director of Transportation.

8410.6 Student Conduct on School Buses
5450, Student Safety

Education Law §§2; 1501-b; 1502; 3602(7)(b); 3623; 3625-a; 3636
8 NYCRR §156.3(h)

Note: Prior policy, Transportation of Students-Safety, 3551

Policy Adopted: November 12, 1973
Reviewed: November 25, 1985
Amended: June 21, 1999
Amended: July 7, 2011