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8410.4, Transportation for Non-Public School Students

As provided for in State Education Law, the district will provide transportation for resident nonpublic school students, attending such schools out of the district, to a maximum distance of fifteen (15) miles. (Mileage is measured from the student’s home to the school legally attended.)

In the case of district students attending nonpublic schools beyond the fifteen-mile limit, transportation may be provided if:

A. the district regularly transports students to the private schools in question;

B. the district Transportation Office receives notice, prior to April 1, that such transportation is desired for the following school term; and

C. that such students are taken to and from pickup points within the fifteen-mile limit, and as designated by the school district authorities, through private and individual arrangement and responsibility.

Education Law requires a Board of Education to provide transportation to a non-public school for all pupils residing within the school district who are eligible for transportation on the basis of a distance up to 15 miles, the distance in each case being measured by the nearest available route between home and school.

Education Law requires that a parent submit a written request for transportation no later April 1 of every year. In addition, a parent of a pupil not residing in the school district on April 1 shall submit a written request within 30 days after establishing residence in the district. Proof of residence must be established with the district Registrar.

A late request must be granted where the requested transportation can be provided under existing transportation arrangements at no additional cost to the district.

Education Law requires a Board of Education to provide transportation from a centralized pickup point, for non-public school pupils who live more than 15 miles from school, when a pupil residing within 15 miles is receiving transportation to the same nonpublic school.

The district is not responsible for transportation between a pupil’s home and the centralized pickup point. However, the district may provide transportation between a pupil’s home and the centralized pickup point if the pupil’s residence is located on an established bus route for transportation to the centralized pickup point and such transportation does not result in an additional cost to the district.

North Colonie Schools does not provide transportation for “Pre-Kindergarten” students, even if they are 5 years old, and even if they have an older sibling on the bus.

Children who become 5 years old AFTER December 1 of the school year, are NOT eligible for transportation, regardless of whether they are enrolled in a non-public kindergarten program. While some non-public schools don’t have a policy regarding age requirements, North Colonie Schools public school students are not eligible to attend kindergarten if they turn 5 after December 1.

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Note: Prior policy, Transportation – Non-public School Students, 3559

Policy Adopted: March 14, 1966
Amended: November 12, 1973
AmendedJune 9, 1975
Amended: January 25, 1999
Amended: July 7, 2011