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8335, No Idling

The Board of Education recognizes the need to promote the health and safety of students and staff and to protect the environment from harmful emissions found in vehicle exhaust, in particular diesel exhaust, by eliminating the unnecessary idling of all school vehicles. For purposes of this policy, an “idling school vehicle” shall mean a school vehicle that is parked or stopped at a school or other location and has its engine running. This policy applies to the operation of every district-owned and/or contracted school bus as well as other district-owned vehicles (i.e., licensed maintenance vehicles). The district shall strive to eliminate all unnecessary idling of school buses and district owned vehicles such that idling time is minimized in all aspects of operation.

Adopted: January 23, 2006
Amended: July 7, 2011

NYSED Commissioner Reg. 156.3(h) July 1, 2008