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8332, Cell Phone Policy

I. Issuance of Cell Phones

Certain officers and employees of the North Colonie Central School District (District) may be issued cellular phones in order to more effectively and efficiently carry out their job responsibilities. NOTE: It is understood that when district cell phones are discussed, the term also includes phone accessories such as belt clips, battery chargers, etc. The issuance of cell phones shall be subject to prior approval of the Assistant Superintendent of Business or designee. The following considerations shall apply when determining whether a cell phone should be issued:

A. Whether issuance of the cell phone will promote communication in emergency circumstances;
B. Whether the employee is frequently in business-related travel status;
C. Whether the employee’s primary work location requires access to a cell phone;
D. Whether there is a reasonable expectation for other members of the district to be able to contact the officer or employee at times other than regular business hours; and
E. Whether other means of communication are available and less expensive to obtain and/or maintain.

II. Cell Phone Usage

Cell phones are issued for purposes related to official business. The District retains the right to cancel cell phone service and recover issued cell phones at any time. It is recognized, however, that on occasion cell phones may be needed for reasonable limited personal use, as determined by the employee’s immediate Supervisor. If usage is determined by the Supervisor to be unreasonable, appeals may be made to the Superintendent. This may be especially relevant when the employee is traveling on district business. Any abuse could result in disciplinary action and/or revocation of the employee’s cell phone or other disciplinary action as appropriate. No district-issued cell phone may be used to conduct personal business which provides a “second job” benefit to the employee.

Cell phones issued to district administrators and other authorized employees may be specially reconfigured for international calling under circumstances in which those employees must remain available for official district communication while out of the country. All requests for international calling shall be submitted to the Director of Custodial Service and reviewed by the Assistant Superintendent for Business (or designee) and considered for approval on a case-by-case basis. Such reconfigurations shall be temporary in nature, shall be performed only by authorized district staff, and shall be reversed immediately upon the employee’s return to the district. Due to the potential extreme costs of international calling, personal calls made to or from international locations will be billed back to the employee at the rates actually charged to the district by the carrier for those calls.

III. Monitoring Cell Phone Usage

The Superintendent of Schools is authorized to establish such administrative regulations and procedures as may be necessary or desirable to carry out this policy. Such procedures shall include, without limitation, processes for monitoring cell phone usage. Cell phone issuance and usage shall be evaluated periodically in order to determine whether phones previously issued continue to be needed.

Adopted: May 22, 2006
Amended: June 29, 2015