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8210-R, Buildings and Grounds Security Regulation

Each employee has a primary responsibility to see that the facilities, equipment and supplies of the schools are wisely used and property secured.

The Business Manager shall be responsible for developing and reviewing administrative procedures which will insure the implementation of a reasonable security program. Primary emphasis shall be placed on coordinating the efforts of the custodial, clerical and certificated staff to these ends.

The Building Principal, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds and head custodian shall be responsible for coordinating the efforts of the building’s staff to insure building security.

The Building Principal

A. Shall review procedures for security of supplies and equipment with total building staff and develop procedures which will provide the wise use of material resources.

B. Any incident of employee negligence in maintaining reasonable security precautions shall be reported to the proper supervisor. Employees found negligent in maintaining reasonable security precautions may be held responsible for the costs of the material involved. A report concerning such incidents shall be included in the employee’s file.

C. The Building Principal shall be responsible for security of school records.

Door Security

A. All doors shall be open for a reasonable period of time immediately before and after school hours so that students may enter and leave the building with ease. At all other times all doors, except those doors designated by the Building Principal as entrances for visitors, shall be secured.

  1. A periodic check shall be made to see if the doors are properly secured.
  2. Building Principals shall seek the cooperation of all staff members in reporting unauthorized visitors to the office.

B. A sign shall be placed on all entrances indicating which doors are open and directing visitors to report to the Principal’s office to sign in and pick up a visitor’s pass. The custodial staff shall make a monthly inspection to assure that signs are properly posted. Damaged signs shall be replaced immediately.

Visitors’ Registration

A. All visitors shall register with the Principal’s office before being permitted to contact any person in school. Visitors to the central office staff shall report directly to the receptionist.

B. All visitors shall be issued a visitor’s pass.

C. Violators may be prosecuted as provided under State statutes.

Custodial Responsibilities

A. The custodial staff shall coordinate their efforts with the rest of the staff in providing maximum security.

B. The head custodian shall, with the help of the Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds, provide for the development of a preventive maintenance program that will insure maximum utilization of facilities and avoid any mechanical breakdowns, fire hazards, etc.

Note: Prior regulation, Security of Property, 2112.12(a),(b)

October 9, 1973
June 22, 1998