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8134-R, Emergency Closing Regulation

Procedures for Unscheduled Dismissal Will Be Set Up in Three Phases




I. When the decision to close schools while classes are in session is made by the Superintendent of Schools, or the Superintendent’s designee, the head bus driver and the clerk will call drivers to report for the first run which will commence within one (1) hour. The time of first pick up from school will be determined prior to calling the drivers. The drivers will be especially alert to the possibility of being called during periods of bad weather, national emergency, or other emergency conditions.

Radio stations which will be called to announce early school closings are: WGY, WTRY, WROW, WPTR, and WQBK

II. All district public schools will be notified by Central Office. All radio stations will be notified by Central Office. All non-public schools will be notified by the Bus Garage. To facilitate the notice of closing, the Central Office will call the Blue Creek School to start a chain for district’s early elementary schools. This chain shall be: Blue Creek, Boght Hills and Southgate. The second chain shall start at Forts Ferry with Latham Ridge and Loudonville to be called. All other schools shall be notified by the Central Office.

Table I – Notification to Schools and Radio Stations (see attached schedule)

III. The schools will be dismissed at ½ hour intervals or as close to same as weather or road conditions permit. District public schools will start with Shaker Junior High and Shaker High followed by early elementary schools and late elementary schools.

If an unscheduled dismissal is called after 12:00 noon, the regular dismissal sequence will be followed.

To facilitate this procedure, any calls made into the Bus Garage during this dismissal or other emergency condition, should use the telephone number 785-5812. This is an unlisted pay telephone and will be kept open
for incoming calls. Other schools will fall in according to Table II.

Table II – Dismissal Sequence Patterns

Table I – Notification to Schools and Radio Stations

Blue Creek 785-1183
Boght Hills 785-7452
Forts Ferry 785-1507
Latham Ridge 785-3250
Loudonville 436-9073
Southgate 785-1485

Shaker Junior High 785-1341
Shaker Senior High 785-5511
Latham Mall 783-3421
Latham Christian Academy 785-5916
Loudonville Christian Academy 785-5916
St. Ambrose 785-6453
St. Gregory’s 785-6621
St. Pius 465-4539

Cohoes Schools

St. Agnes 237-8876
St. Marie’s 235-5202
Van Schaick Island Grade School 237-2828

Troy Schools

Catholic Central High School 235-7100
Emma Willard 274-4440
LaSalle Institute 283-2500
Sacred Heart 274-3655

Watervliet Schools

St. Brigid’s 273-3321
Watervliet High School 273-4240

South Colonie

Colonie High School 459-1220
Maywood 456-9060
Veeder 869-4661

Albany Schools

Albany Boys Academy 485-1461
Albany Girls Academy 463-2201
Bishop Maginn 463-2247
C.B.A. 462-5447
C.P. Center 489-8336
Doane Stuart 465-5222
Holy Names Academy 438-6553
Mercy High 482-1110
Open Bible School 459-6206
Our Savior’s Lutheran 459-2273
Parsons 447-5211
St. Casimir’s 434-4264
Hebrew Academy 482-0464

Guilderland Schools

Farnsworth Middle 456-6010
Voorheesville 765-2382
Westmere 456-3771

Burnt Hills School

Burnt Hills Jr. High 399-1625
Hartland School 399-1520

Rotterdam Schools

Jefferson 355-1342
Mohonason 356-5062

Schenectady Schools

Bishop Gibbons 393-3131
Birchwood-Wildwood 783-1644
Brown School 370-0366
New Life Academy 370-0366
Niskayuna High School 382-2521
St. Helen’s 382-8225
Woodland Elementary 370-8280
Zoller 370-8290

Table II – Dismissal Sequences will be the same before lunch and after lunch.


Shaker High School
Shaker Jr. High


Early Elementary Schools
Blue Creek School
Boght Hills School
Southgate School
Bishop Maginn School
Catholic Central
Guilderland Central School
LaSalle – Troy
Latham Mall (Wildwood)
Loudonville Christian Parsons
Maria College (Kdg. Only)
Our Savior Lutheran
Rensselaer Schools
Sacred Heart
Schenectady Schools
St. Ambrose School
St. Bridget’s School
St. Maries (Cohoes Catholic)
St. Pius X School
Wildwood (Curry Rd.)


Late Elementary Schools
Latham Ridge School
Forts Ferry School
Loudonville School
Albany Academy-Boys/Girls
CP Center
Doane Stuart School
Emma Willard School
Holy Names School
Parker School
Rome (Fridays Only)
St. Gregory’s School

Note: Prior regulation, 6114.1 (a)(c)

September 28, 1987
June 22, 1998