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7370, Supervision of Construction

  1. Construction Supervision/Coordination
    Prior to commencement of each building project, the Board will determine whether the project requires the full-time supervision of an architect, construction
    management firm, or clerk of the works. As determined, said firm/individual will supervise the project and report on the same to the architect of record.
  2. Architect/Construction Manager
    The firm/individual designated by the Board of Education will, as contractually specified, report on the status of the project to the Board of Education.
  3. Administrative Liaison
    At the commencement of each building project, the Superintendent of Schools may designate a staff member to serve as administrative liaison to work with the architect on the educational planning for the facility.

    Policy Adopted: March 10, 1975
    Amended: January 27, 1987
    Amended: June 22, 1998
    Amended: May 23, 2016