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7310, Educational Specifications

To insure that facilities or planned renovations are designed to best implement the educational program, the Superintendent of Schools shall develop educational specifications for the project in accordance with State Education Department guidelines, the comprehensive long-range facilities plan and the five year capital facilities plan. These educational specifications will be used to guide the architect in preparing and drafting plans. The educational specifications shall include:

  1. Numbers and types of students who will use the facilities
  2. Educational program to be implemented in each area
  3. Instructional areas and spaces required to accommodate the proposed program
  4. Furniture and equipment required
  5. Relationships among areas
  6. Suggested traffic patterns
  7. Special considerations to be observed
  8. All other unique information to guide the architect

    Ref: Education Law §408-a

    Policy Adopted: March 10, 1975
    Amended: May 18, 1998 Amended: May 23, 2016