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6900, Disposal of District Property

Building administrators and instructional support staff administrators are responsible for identifying obsolete or surplus equipment and supplies within their area(s) of responsibility. Each year, a determination shall be made of equipment, supplies and/or materials that are deemed surplus or obsolete and cannot be utilized effectively or economically within their area and shall notify the Assistant Superintendent for Business of the determination.

The Assistant Superintendent for Business shall be authorized to dispose of obsolete books, equipment and supplies by sale to the highest bidder. If such property is not able to be sold, arrangements for proper disposal either as sale of scrap, as a donation to non- profit groups, or immediate disposal. Full records of the disposition of such property shall be maintained as is practical and shall be reported to the Board of Education.

General Municipal Law §§51; 800 et seq.
6900-E.1, 6900-E.2

Note: Prior policy, Sales of Obsolete Books, Equipment, and Supplies, 3261

Policy Adopted: August 19, 1974
Policy Amended: June 22, 1998
Policy Amended: December 16, 2013
Amended: May 23, 2016