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6840-R, Use of Credit Cards

Credit cards shall be issued in the name(s) of, and be maintained under the physical custody of the Purchasing Agent and or the Purchasing Agent’s designee. When needed, the Purchasing Agent and/or designee will approve of each transaction. Authorized users must take proper care of these credit cards and take all reasonable precautions against damage, loss, or theft. Any damage, loss, or theft must be reported immediately to the Assistant Superintendent for Business and to the appropriate financial institution.

Purchases that are unauthorized, illegal, represent a conflict of interest, are personal in nature, or violate the intent of this policy may result in credit card revocation, criminal/civil action, and discipline of the employee.

The Claims Auditor shall monitor monthly the use of each credit card and report any serious problems and/or discrepancies directly to the Superintendent and the Board.

Each authorized user shall be apprised of the procedures governing the use of credit card and a copy of this policy and accompanying regulations shall be given to each authorized user. Upon receipta signed verification of receipt will be placed in the employees’ personnel file.

Adopted: January 23, 2006
Amended: March 12, 2007
Amended: September 21, 2009
Amended: November 19, 2012
Amended: March 28, 2016