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6740, Purchasing Procedures

All purchases except for utilities and contracted items shall be by Business Office approved purchase order unless otherwise authorized in advance by the Purchasing Agent.

If the Purchasing Agent is in doubt as to whether any purchase request should be approved, the Purchasing Agent shall refer that request to the Assistant Superintendent for Business or the Superintendent for an opinion.

The Superintendent of Schools shall be authorized to freeze unencumbered budget accounts. Further, such action will be communicated to the Board of Education. Recurring monthly bills, contracted amounts, fuel, supplies, repairs and parts needed for the maintenance and operation of transportation, heating, technology, lighting and plumbing facilities, and other matters, as approved by the Superintendent, will be exempted from freeze.

Cross-ref: 6700, Purchasing

Ref: Office of the State Comptroller-Financial Management Guide 

Note: Prior policy, Ordering Goods and Services, 3324

Policy Adopted: March 9, 1964
Amended: November 11, 1973
Amended: July 20, 1987
Amended: June 22, 1998
Amended: December 21, 2009
Amended: April 26, 2010