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6700-E.3, Contract Verification Form

North Colonie Central School District
91 Fiddlers Lane
Latham, New York 12110
Phone (518) 785-8591 Fax (518) 785-8502

Contract Verification Form

Contract Title: _______________________________________________

Awarded Vendor: ____________________________________________

The North Colonie Central School District is attempting to determine if the above contract meets the New York State requirements that allow political subdivision to use this contract. The information requested is only for the District’s use to help make that determination. North Colonie Central School District is a New York State Political Subdivision located in Albany County New York.

This contract was let by the United States or any agency thereof, any state or any other political subdivision or district therein.

YES _____ NO _____

This contract has been made available for use by other government entities.

YES _____ NO _____

This contract was the result of a public solicitation that included public advertisement of this contract availability.

YES _____ NO _____

This contract required sealed submissions of bids or offers from vendors to secure and preserve the integrity of the process and confidentiality of the bids or offers submitted.

YES _____ NO _____

Prepared specifications were supplied to potential vendors as part of the solicitation of this contract.

YES _____ NO _____

The award of this contract was made on the basis of lowest responsible bidder or
best value.

YES _____ NO _____

I affirm that the above answers are true and correct.

Signature _______________________________________________________

Printed Name ____________________________________________________

Date ________________

Thank you for your assistance. Please fax this completed back to North Colonie Central School District at 518-785-8502. If you have any questions please contact Steve Zautner, Purchasing Agent at 518-785-8591 ext. 3105.

Adopted: 8/25/14
Amended: 3/28/16