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6130, Budget Adoption

As required by New York Education Law, the Board of Education will adopt a proposed budget for each fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). The budget will be prepared in the form required by New York State Education Law and the Regulations of the Commissioner, having three components: an administrative component, a program component, and a capital component, to be voted upon as one proposition.

The Board adopted budget proposal shall be presented to the voters of the district for adoption on the third Tuesday in May, unless this date conflicts with religious observances on that day, which is certified by the Commissioner, in which case the budget vote will be held on the second Tuesday in May.

Ref: Education Law §§ 1608; 1716; 1804; 2002; 2022
8 NYCRR 170.8

Policy Adopted: January 11, 1965
Amended: December 11, 1972
Amended: June 22, 1998
Amended: December 21, 2015