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5450.1-R, Sex Offender Notification Regulation

A. Whenever the Superintendent of Schools is notified by the Colonie Chief of Police that a registered sexual offender determined to be a” serious threat” and classified as a “sexual predator”, a “sexually violent offender” or a “predicate sexual offender”, as defined in New York State Correction Law Sections 168-a.7. (a), (b) and (c) and 168-1.6 (b) and (c) of the New York State Correction Law, and classified as a “sexually violent predator”, as defined in the New York State Correction Law Section 168-1.6 (b) and (c), resides in or near the North Colonie Central School District, the Board of Education directs the Superintendent of Schools pursuant to statutory authority New York State Correction Law Section 168-1.6. (b) to initiate a district wide dissemination of such information, either by mail or personal delivery, designed to reach the following persons:

  1. All school district employees.
  2. Parents /guardians of all students attending schools of the North Colonie school district, or registered with the District for home instruction, and
  3. All groups which regularly use District facilities with children in attendance.

Staff members shall be directed to report to their Supervisor if they observe any suspicious person(s) in an area where children and/or students congregate. They shall be directed to contact the Superintendent and/or local law enforcement agencies if an individual is so observed.

The Superintendent shall annually notify parents of students about this policy and remind them of the security measures and personal safety instruction provided at school.

The district offices will maintain records in compliance with state and federal law and the Sex Offender Registration Act.

District authorities should refer any and all inquiries for further specifics, not addressed above, to the Colonie Police.

Cross-ref1120, School District Records

Note: Prior policy, Notification of Convicted Sex Offenders Residing in the District, 1326

Policy Adopted: May 22, 1995
Amended: January 26, 1998
Amended: March 4, 2002
Amended: August 29, 2005