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5430.2-R, Procedure for Referrals to Community Agencies or Mental Health Specialists

  1. In the elementary schools, referrals to community agencies will be initiated through the Pupil Services Department with the school psychologist or guidance counselor serving as coordinator for such referrals. At the secondary school level, such referrals will be coordinated by the student’s counselor or school psychologist.
  2. In addition to the classroom teacher and the building principal or hall principal, specific Members of the Pupil Services Team should be aware of proposed referrals and may be expected to participate in a parent conference.
  3. Referrals must state the purpose of the referral with specific reasons given for thereferral and with expected outcomes designated; e.g., the referral should indicate whether the agency will be expected to work in a therapeutic situation with the child or whether a more complete diagnosis is desired in order that district personnel may work more effectively with the child.
  4. It is the parent’s responsibility to make the formal contact with the agency or or specialist. The school may contact the agency or mental health specialist prior to the parent’s making contact in order to be aware of whether or not the agency or specialist feels the referral would be appropriate.
  5. Written permission from parents must be obtained prior to the transmittal of records or other information from the school to the outside agency or specialist.
  6. Normally contact between the outside agency or specialist and the student will not take place in school. Exceptions must be made with the concurrence of the principal and the Director of Pupil Services.
  7. Recommendations from the outside agency or specialist for the benefit of teachers will be channeled through the PST and/or building principal at the elementary level and through the PST guidance counselor, and/or school psychologist at the secondary level.

June 21, 1999