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5312.11, Drug Free Schools

The North Colonie School District believes that a comprehensive program to instruct students in the dangers of drugs and alcohol is necessary, and this policy is adopted to serve that end.

The District will continue to seek funding, under the Drug Free Schools and Community Act, to supplement budget funds in the implementation of this policy, and will continue to sponsor the biennial community awareness week activities involving students, staff, parents and community residents. The District will further continue to conduct annual building level activities to make students, staff and parents aware of the dangers of alcohol and substance abuse.

Beginning in the fall of each school year, each Building Principal will initiate planning, with staff, for the conduct of the year’s substance abuse awareness effort.

Substance abuse awareness activities may include, but not be limited to: K-12 curriculum development, inservice training, pre-service training, school-based prevention programs, family-based prevention programs, prevention programs targeted at students, athletes and coaches, counseling for students and parents including professional and peer counseling, school based early intervention programs, identification and referral for treatment and rehabilitation, leadership programs, identification of abusers and youth at risk, development and refinement of school policies governing substance abuse, community-based education regarding substance abuse, advisory council activities, and other such programs in keeping with the intent of this policy.

Cross-ref: 5312.1, Drug and Alcohol Abuse
8414.5, Alcohol and Controlled Substances Testing of Bus Drivers

Ref: Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act 20 USC §§3171 et seq.
Public Law §101-226

Civil Service Law §75
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Note: Prior policy, Drug Free Schools, 1510

Policy Adopted: December 18, 1989
Amended: January 26, 1998