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5215, Student Privileged Activities

The Board of Education recognizes that students in the North Colonie Central Schools shall, as a natural outgrowth of their education and training, have the right to express their own opinions and ideas. They should be encouraged to take stands and support policies and programs both publicly and privately.

These actions, on the part of our students, shall be known as privileged activities and shall not be denied solely because they may include unpopular viewpoints.

Privileged activities shall be those forms of personal expression which do not include obscenity, disruptive activities which deny the rights of others, false statements about persons or groups, and/or the advocating of the violation of the law or official school regulations.

Cross-ref: 5300, Student Conduct and Discipline

Note: Prior policy, Student Privileged Activities, 5139

Policy Adopted: November 13, 1969
Reviewed: November 25, 1985
Amended: November 24, 1997