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4870-R, Instruction on Days of Religious Observance Regulation

In our increasingly multicultural district it is important that we are sensitive to the needs of all of our staff and students. Religious holidays and observances vary for many groups in terms of both dates and customs. In order to recognize these differences:

  1. Days taken for religious holidays are recorded as an absence. No student or staff member, however, shall be disqualified from recognition for perfect attendance because of religious observances.
  2. The parents or students shall make it known to the teacher that an anticipated absence is for religious observance so that students may be able to receive classwork or homework in advance as appropriate.
  3. Students absent for religious observances shall be given a reasonable amount of time to make up or complete tests, assignments or other education activities that they missed during their absence.
  4. Class activities that will occur only once, or that will be difficult to make up at another time, should not be administered on days designated as high holy days on the District calendar.

Note: Prior regulation, 5112.9

January 27, 1992
January 25, 1999