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4772, Commencement Exercises

Students who have met the academic requirements will be eligible to participate in graduation ceremonies unless there are other circumstances that cause the high school administration to deny such participation, i.e., failure to attend the one graduation rehearsal or disciplinary reasons.

A student who is unable to attend the graduation rehearsal due to a death in the family or medical doctor’s excuse, may request permission from the High School Principal for special rehearsal instruction. Such request shall be made as soon as practicable, but no later than noon on the date of the regularly scheduled rehearsal.

A student who has completed all academic requirements, but is unable to attend commencement exercises due to a death in the family, medical doctor’s excuse or an order to military service, may be recognized by name during the program if he/she makes a request for permission for such recognition to the High School Principal. Requests shall be made as soon as practicable, but no later than the day prior to the exercises.

Note: Prior regulation, 5127

June 27, 1972
January 25, 1999
Amended: May 19, 2003