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4750-R, Promotion and Retention of Students Regulation

Procedures When Retention May Be Recommended

  1. Elementary
    1. The classroom teacher shall work with the Principal and other staff to provide appropriate early intervention and support for students experiencing academic difficulties.
    2. Parents/Guardians and the Building Administrator shall be informed by theclassroom teacher of the possibility of a student’s non-promotion as soon as it becomes evident but no later than the date of the second quarter report card distribution. Any delay in this notification must be approved by the Building Principal.
    3. By the close of the second report period, classroom teachers shall identify in writing to the Principal or designee three student categories:
      a. those students who should be considered for acceleration
      b. those students identified by the classroom teacher(s) whose achievement is significantly below their ability; an
      c. those students whose measured achievement is so low that it is doubtful whether or not they will have sufficient basic skills in reading and mathematics to be able to function at the next highest grade
    4. For those students identified in Section 2, the Principal will insure that the following information is collected by the close of the third marking period:
      a. the written opinion of the classroom teacher(s) regarding the students’ strengths and weaknesses:
      b. the written opinion of the school psychologist and reading specialist and other appropriate Pupil Services staff members (Where feasible, the recommendation and opinion may be from the total Pupil Services Team); and
      c. the parents’/guardians’ opinion regarding the child’s progress.
    5. Prior to reaching a formal decision regarding promotion, parents/guardians, should they so desire, will be given an opportunity to confer with the classroom teacher(s), appropriate Pupil Services staff and Principal.
    6. All decisions regarding promotion will be finalized by June 1st.

B. Middle School

Students who pass all middle school level subjects but one (or the fractional equivalent of one class) shall have the failure evaluated and a determination made as to the reason for the failure. The student may be required to repeat the subject, but in typical cases shall be promoted with recommendation for either summer school or assignment to a more appropriate academic course. The decision shall be arrived at by consensus from a case conference approach involving a teacher, principal, and school counselor and any other school personnel who have direct knowledge of the student’s case.

Students who earn below a 65 or an F on more than one middle school level class shall have their cases considered on an individual basis through a case conference approach outlined above at the conclusion of the school year.

Students who fail more than two subjects will be considered for retention through the same case conference process as noted above.

High school courses will follow the promotion requirements used by Shaker High School.

  1. After the end of the first semester and at the end of the third quarter, each academic team of teachers will work with school counselors and support staff to identify students who are at risk of failure. If it has not already occurred, consideration will be given for interventions and/or academic support. An at risk of failure notice will be provided to parents at the end of the first semester and the third quarter through the Hall Principal’s Office.
  2. At the conclusion of Quarter four, the building principal will receive the tentative recommendations of the academic teachers, and counselor, appropriate Pupil Services personnel and hall principal concerning the student’s progress, academic alternatives and future placement options. For identified students, recommendations should include information from the Pupil Services team.
  3. Attendance at a summer program approved by the building principal may be utilized in order to meet promotion requirements.

C. Guidelines Applicable to Both Elementary and Middle School

  1. Unless retained once in his/her school career, no student should be promoted beyond grades 6 or 8 without the student having demonstrated sufficient basic skills which would enable him/her to function in an instructional group at the next grade level.
  2. Students identified in Sections A.2 & B.1. shall have included in their cumulative record a summary report including specific recommendations for the child’s educational program and the outcome expected to be achieved as a result of the decision to retain, promote or accelerate the student. (Recommendations must take into account existing resources.)
  3. Persons in parental relationship to a student who express concern about a decision regarding the promotion or retention of their child shall be made aware of their right to challenge such decision and shall be provided a copy of the policy and regulations dealing with promotion. Any such challenge shall be made in writing to the Building Principal and should include a statement of the reason for the challenge. Replies to formal challenges will be made in writing by the Principal within ten days of receipt of the challenge. Should the persons in parental relationship wish to pursue the matter further, their challenge may again be presented in writing to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall consider the issues and decide upon a course of action, including options such as referring the matter to a District review panel. This panel will be selected by the Superintendent of Schools and will be comprised of the Assistant/Deputy Superintendent(s) of Schools or the Superintendent’s designee, one additional staff member, two parents/guardians (or if the challenging parent/guardian would prefer, two additional professional staff members may be substituted) and the District Director of Pupil Services who shall serve as the review panel’s chairman. With respect to such challenges, persons in parental relationship will receive written notice as to where and when the review panel will meet and shall be given reasonable time to prepare for the meeting in order to present evidence supporting their concern. Within two weeks of the formal meeting, the panel will present its findings and reason for making the determination to the persons making the challenge to the student’s Principal, and to the Superintendent of Schools.
  4. Each Principal will submit as part of the building’s Annual Evaluation Report a summary of decisions made regarding the retention of students identified in Sections A.2 & B.1.
  5. The provisions of subparagraph D.3 of this regulation shall apply to any course for which a middle school student can earn high school credit.

D. High School

  1. At the high school level, school counselors shall be responsible for verifying the number of units a student has earned.
  2. Annually in August guidance counselors shall provide the Director of Pupil Services with the names of those students who have failed to earn sufficient units to qualify for placement in a homeroom at the next grade level. In turn, the Building Principal will be provided with a composite listing of such students.

Cross-ref: 5100-R, Student Attendance Regulation

Note: Prior regulation, 5123(a)-(e)

June 25, 1985
June 22, 1998
November 22, 1998
Amended: June 17, 2002
Amended: May 7, 2009
Amended: August 22, 2022