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4741, Class Ranking

In order to provide information which students may be required to submit to colleges or employers and to recognize the district’s highest achieving students,
a rank in class will be computed according to established regulations (4741-R) for each student completing grade 11 at Shaker High School, or those Shaker High
School Students who have declared by the end of the sophomore year to be a three-year graduate (Policy 4770#7A).

The top five percent of each graduating class will be designated honor graduates.

Ref: Matter of Konkoski, 33 EDR 303 (1993)
Matter of Maloney, 33 EDR 154 (1993)
Matter of Chesbrough, 32 EDR 647 (1993)
Matter of Boutros, 27 EDR 209 (1988)

Note: Prior policy, Class Rank, 5122

Policy Adopted: August 18, 1975
Amended: June 22, 1998
Amended: May 1, 2007