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4531, School Sponsored Trips

A. Definition: “Student Field Trip” shall refer to school-sponsored student group trips and connected off-campus activities which are an integral part of the program of instruction in regular classes, are conducted and supervised by one or more classroom teachers as such, are usually scheduled for times when school is in session, and are ordinarily completed in not more than one day.

Other school-sponsored trips relevant to participation in some aspect of the total school program may be scheduled as approved by the Principal and must follow district regulations.

B. School district policies and behavioral expectations pertain to all field trips and school-sponsored trips. It should be noted that school-sponsored trips are a privilege and that students may be excluded from participation as determined by school administrators.

C. Authorization: No field trip may be undertaken without prior authorization by the Principal.
Any teacher who wishes to organize a field trip shall first submit to his/her Principal a detailed plan of the project, this plan to include a statement of educational purpose, supervisory requirements, and estimated costs to be borne by the school and by the student.

D. Overnight Trips and Trips Out of the Country: Every overnight trip and trip out of the country shall require not only the approval of the Principal, but also that of the Superintendent of Schools.

E. Student Safety and Welfare: Every reasonable effort shall be taken to secure the safety and welfare of students on school-approved field trips, not only en route, but also during all stop-over activities. The administration shall be responsible for seeing that all necessary safety and welfare measures are taken, including provision for supervision by qualified persons and adequate liability insurance coverage, where necessary.

F. Transportation: Transportation may be provided by either district buses or private carrier, as appropriate. Private automobiles may be used under certain circumstances as approved by the School Principal.

G. Parental Consent: For each student who takes part in any school-sponsored field trip or student tour, the school shall require, in advance, a parent’s or guardian’s signature to a consent form in which the parent/guardian acknowledges that the school fulfills its responsibility when it takes reasonable care to assure the safety and welfare of student participants.

Cross-ref: 8410, Student Transportation 

Note: Prior policy, Field Trips, 615

Policy Adopted: December 9, 1974
Amended: November 24, 1997