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4322.R-4, Programs for Gifted Students – Regulations

Student Records – Confidential

A. Maintenance
The following items should be included in each gifted student’s records: (From Administrative Regulations 5500-R)

Area 5 – Academic Record
a. Reports of special educational services provided form the program for gifted children
b. Alternate curricula studied
c. Cumulative record of learning enrichment teacher evaluations.
d. Cumulative record of evaluations of investigations from Learning Enrichment Program.

Area 8 – Accomplishments, Honors and Awards
Background Information Form describing label of gifted student.

Area 10 – Educational and Vocational Plans
Cumulative record of objectives achieved from Individual Education Plans for gifted students including the current school year.

B. If a student labeled gifted/talented transfers out of the North Colonie Central School District, the cumulative record card will carry a notation regarding identified categories and services being received. If requests for additional information are received, the following items will be forwarded:

  1. Copy of Background Information Form (GT:7) or Notification of Placement (GT:24)
  2. Copy of data pertinent to identification.
  3. Copy of cumulative report and most recent Individual Education Plan.

C. Student Record File

  1. If the gifted/talented label is removed, the cumulative records for that student are cleared of all reference.
  2. District Committee files will be maintained for twelve years as an historical record.

Cross-ref: 5500-R, Student Records Regulation

Note: Prior regulation, Student Records – confidential, 6151.3

February 24, 1986
August 25, 1997